Welcome to Café Troppo!

Just like the eco-housing building we are nestled underneath, our ethos here at the café centres around sustainability, the environment and the community. Every decision involved in creating this place has been made with this in mind. We aim to tread as lightly as possible on this earth, and are trying to achieve this through everything we use here: from the produce we source and cleaning products we use as well as how we deal with the waste we produce. Sustainability is something we are very passionate about and feel we can demonstrate it in small ways and open this dialogue through Café Troppo.

In line with this, our food menu is seasonally based and so constantly changing. We strive to keep it local, using as much South Australian produce as possible. From our small galley kitchen we prepare a variety of fresh, healthy (and yummy) dishes using the best SA has to offer! 

And to drink? The coffee we use is ethically sourced, fair-trade and organic, and roasted up on Magill road. We use local biodynamic milk from Paris Creek and organic Australian soy. Our teas are also single origin and hand-blended in the Barossa Valley.